Mean Streak

Sometimes I wish I had a fearsome mean streak that allowed me to say whatever I thought about any and everybody’s situation, whether I knew the whole story or not. I wish I could call people names and ridicule their choices in life or try to steal someone’s man when I didn’t have one or beat someone with my shoe in a club for no reason other than she looked at me sideways.

Ok, no I don’t. But I do wish other people would stop doing it. I get so tired of hearing people talk about people who are supposed to be their friends. I get tired of people telling me how they just can’t stand so and so. Mostly, I get tired of people talking about me and not saying anything back. I am tired of turning the other cheek already! I mean, come on God; You heard what she said, and you know how she is. You know I could get her! This is what I specialized in before I became a Christian: telling somebody off and then putting my foot in their behind when they had something to say!

Do you ever wonder where those feelings/habits/desires from the old man are supposed to go when you decide to follow Christ? Nowhere. When you want to do good, evil is present with you. God forgives sin and cleanses you from unrighteousness…doesn’t mean you are cured. Doesn’t mean the old you won’t be waiting to jump out when his favorite circumstances arrive. I have no problem not fornicating, not really; I have to bite my tongue half off not to get into with folks, talk about folks. I have to curl my fists so tight I leave cresecents in my palms to keep from punching some folks. I’ve never been a big profanity user, but I can see the benefits some days a lot clearer than others.

I became a Christian 12 years ago, and there are still things that I struggle with. So if you’re struggle, please know I am right there with you. Pray for me, and if you ask, I’ll pray for you as well.

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