Privatizing Twitter

Today I set my twitter to private, not to say crazy things about people or talk about someone that isn’t following me, but because I realized something: I have to be in control of information about me and my life that’s being read by the masses. I can’t get upset if someone reads something on my twitter and causes drama about it, taking it out of context or not. People that I like or don’t like, that I would or wouldn’t want reading my thoughts have access to it. There are very few people I don’t want to share with, but the best solution is to set my account to private and be in control of the gates, to ensure people looking to start drama don’t have any ammunition from me. Once I figure out how to change my privacy settings satisfactorily on Facebook, I will change those, too. My blogs are all open to the public. I like it that way. If it’s that deep you can leave me a comment or email me through my contact me link. Or be mad at home; that’s cool too. I’m closing off access to myself to keep the negativity out.

A friend told me a long time ago, the summer before 9th grade, that positive energy creates elevation; I’m trying to fly.

Be blessed and have a good weekend! Major changes coming soon!

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