I’m Getting Rid of Voicemail

The fact that you can leave a voicemail emboldens some people. Instead of asking politely, they yell and complain it in a voicemail. Instead of trying to find a solution, they threaten. I, as a card carrying member of the big girls’ club, am not impressed or amused by this.

I left my mailbox full for a long time to avoid these messages. I saw a missed call; I called you back. I TALKED TO YOU. But since I cleared my voice maIl, it has instantly refilled with one person in particular threatening me–Ms. Gladys, the lady I work for part time doing monthly summaries & implementation plans for.

She is angry she didn’t get her paperwork on time. I did not get her paperwork to her on time because the check she gave me came back insufficient funds and they charged me a fee. So we were at an impasse. I finally got a hold of her and let her know I will be happy to send her the work she is owed when she pays me my money.

She is trying to angle for not paying me until she receives her work, and I am determined that I am not accepting suspicious checks for my work. This is an epic battle of wills in which we are engaged.

I am trying not to have a let the machine get it mentality. It is my intention, moving forwaard to meet the challenges and setbacks of life head-on. I can’t bury my head in the sand and pretend my obligations/problems will go away. I have to be a grown up and tackle my issues like anyone else.

There’s a certain amount of finesse involved in taking charge of a business relationship going off the tracks. Hopefully I can navigate these choppy waters and stay afloat.

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