Silence Talks Too Much

I haven’t written here much because I haven’t really been living much, just surviving mostly. I haven’t been too concerned with what I should be saying or doing. I have a few bright ideas on how to work through my present funk & get back to having things to say. One of the things I’ve been doing lately is reevaluating how I care for my physical body. This includes both healt & beauty, but I’ve mostly been working with my beauty routine. I’ve also focused on better defining my theme oriented blogs. I am doing pretty well with keeping up good content and trying to find a good balance in being topical and personal as well.

One other thing I’m learning to do is not to judge myself in comparison to other people; it just crushes or inflates your self-esteem using factors outside of your control. So what if I am not running marathons or married or enjoying a fantastic career yet? I am working on being fit in my own way, I have a good boyfriend who is just as concerned with marrying the RIGHT person as I am, and I like my job & it has the potential to be a career. I want my life to be the best life for me, not the best someone else could come up with.

I am going to try Insanity again, along with some of the other exercises I find around my house. I think yoga will figure greatly in my plans. It not only makes me lean and flexible, it calms my brain and makes me focus on now. There isn’t another exercise that has helped me destress better…or feel as good after. My mind races constantly, flitting like a butterfly between this worry and that worry, cross polinating everything. Yoga slows my brain down and allows me to enjoy being in my skin

I’m also having a fantastic butt day! It looks really great in these slacks. You ever have on of those days when you really like one of your body parts, where you just think “Gee, I have a really great_____? I am having one of those days. I am striving to have one of those days everyday this week! Tell me about yours…

Now Playing: Whitney Houston, “One of Those Days”

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