Life for Dummies

A flat automobile tire.

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Lately I feel as if I am taking a course called “Life for Dummies.” Lesson 1 is Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

In the past month, I had a flat tire, shredded a spare, had to replace the car battery, had my electric turned off, had the gas turned off, got slapped with additional fees for my apartment, and had a project added to my list of projects for accounting. If I weren’t living it, I would think this was the plot of a really cheesy romantic comedy. All I’m missing is a man who will come along and gently begin to unravel the mess I’ve somehow made.

Since there are no men capable of making my problems disappear lying about, I figured I just had to do it myself. I got the lights and the gas on, got a new tire (with the help of my fairy Godfather, Mr. Friendly), got a new battery, and am making plans to move out of this apartment.

Have you ever felt like what you really needed was to start over from scratch? I feel like everything that I current have is so damaged, no part of it is salvageable. I have such bad feelings built up around this apartment–the rent increases, the bugs, the bad location, the distance from work–that I HAVE to get out of here by any means necessary.

I went to view an apartment today. Unlike the other apartment that I let go by the wayside, I’m going back to check on this apartment today, if I can get back out there before they go home for the day. As soon as I walked into the model, I felt at peace. All of the negative energy associated with my current living arrangements just rolled off. The apartment that she proposed to me was near the laundry, car care, and clubhouse. Everything seems to fall in line with this apartment, even better than the other apartment that I thought was perfect. This one is closer to work and has better amenities. I’m praying, thinking positive thoughts, and keeping my fingers crossed. Your prayers would certainly be appreciated.

Work deserves it’s own entry, as there is so much I have to say on the subject and put into perspective. I am trying to deal with one crisis at a time.

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