Thoughtful Thursday


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Have you ever had one of those weeks where things were all across the board–one minute everything’s going your way, the next it’s all on its way in a handbasket with gasoline underwear on? That’s the type of week I’m having. Monday was long and hard, Tuesday I was too tired to notice, Wednesday was very good, and today is a crash course in patience and propriety.

I’ve come up with a huge list of things I want to talk about when I give my presentation on the college admissions process and freshman year guidelines. I think that over the last couple of weeks, I’ve accounted for as much of the college experience as I possibly can. Now I have to organize the information, obtain copies of the forms, and decide how to present it at first the education committee meeting and then to the high-schoolers.

On top of the usual documentation that I complete for her, Gladys is now asking me to complete four or five annual reports and four or five implementation plans. This means extra money, but it also means a ton of extra work.

My dad wants me to edit his book. He’s going to pay me to do it, but 1) I’ve never edited a whole book before and 2)it’s a big time commitment. He wants to have the book completed and ready to publish as soon as possible. I told him about Smashwords, and I guess he’s all set to publish with them once he gets everything back from me.

My aunt Vivi told me she was giving some group home owner my information because he may need someone to do paperwork for him. This would mean more money as well, but just like everything else, it means more work. Apparently, this person was a co-signer or something on documentation for the group home. The owner fled to Arizona and left him legally and financially responsible for the running of a group home, in addition to whatever else he does for a living. I feel bad for him and would like to have that kind of extra income on a regular basis, but if my consulting opportunities keep growing like this, I’m going to have to register as a business or something, aren’t I?

I need to do my taxes. I’m hoping I get something back this year. I’m aware that getting money back means the federal government took to much money from me, and I’m also aware that they never give you back all of the extra money they took. However, I would like money back.

I’ll be twenty-six this month. The older I get, the more a little sadness and anger creeps in. I’m still not where I want to be in any arena of life. I’m not published, I’m not married. I’m not making good money and getting closer to being debt free. I don’t own a home. I’m not even sure if I’m in the right place physically.

I haven’t heard anything from my writing buddy this week. I’m not sure how that’s going to go. She seemed eager to begin corresponding and bouncing ideas off of each other, but I don’t know whether either of us will be as enthused about it as time goes on.

I still want to start my book club this year. I have several books I’d want the club to read, and I want to get it up and running, but between possible new clients, a college preparatory presentation, possibly launching a self-hosted site housing all of my blogs, and sending out writing, along with the book club I am already in, I don’t know when I’d have the time.

I think I’m having a quarter life crisis. As a matter of fact, I’m having a “I’m twenty-six (in two weeks) and nowhere near where I want to be in my life at this point” crisis. There’s nothing wrong with where I am. In fact, if I was here two or three years ago, on all fronts, I’d be pretty content. If I’d been giving this job when I graduated, been at this point in my relationship, been at this point with my writing, things would be looking up. But at this point I feel two or three years behind on most things, and a decade behind on others.

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3 Responses to Thoughtful Thursday

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  2. Catherine says:

    Ugh, I’m in the same boat. Maybe there is something about 26, because it spurred a whole quarter life crisis for me too. I have no advice… nothing really great to offer here… just… I feel you. It’s tough. We’ll get through it.

    • 2blu2btru says:

      I’m glad someone else understands and it’s not just me going crazy. I was so shocked when I read the Wikipedia article and realized the Quarter Life Crisis was real a nd not just in my head! Hopefully, we’ll get through it sooner rather than later. 🙂

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