Remember When: Grown Up Edition

Remember when you used to answer unknown calls because it could be a job calling you back for an interview?

Remember when you would avoid unknown calls because it could be a bill collector?

I haven’t been getting either call lately. That feels good. I have a job and I’m back on track with my bills. When I get my paycheck, I pay my bills immediately. This means I’m usually “broke by 1 p.m. but everyone is paid.

It’s funny; I’ve been behind on bills for so long that until recently, I didn’t realize that I could pay all of my bills on time from my paychecks alone. Now that I’m current, I can start using my consulting money to get some furniture, start an emergency fund, and travel every once in a while. I could pay more on my car loan or student loan. My extra money is actual extra. I feel quite accomplished that I’ve gotten this far. It didn’t seem possible even four or five months ago.

I know I still have a long way to go on the road to financial independence, but I love the progress I’ve made and I wanted to celebrate it.

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