30 Day Challenge Day 1


Day 1 I expected to feel like this. Image by bobbyjam99 via Flickr

So for Day 1, I decided to tackle the Trainer’s Edge: Long & Lean Yoga DVD. This DVD features Baron Baptiste, a Vinyasa Flow Yoga expert, as far as I can tell. Yesterday, I got to 29:42 of the 51 min. routine, eight minutes further than I ever have before :D. I took a couple modifications. I felt bad taking them, because 1) I know how to do the moves, but I took the modifications to last longer and 2) The modifications are a little too easy and feel like cheating. But I did get to do more of the moves and felt really worked out…until my aunt called me. By the time I got her off the phone, soreness and hunger had crept in. Hmph :-(.

So, about the DVD. I can’t speak on the entire Trainer’s Edge collection, as this is the only one that I’ve used, but I imagine it’s called Trainer’s Edge because personal trainers guide you through the exercise. They tell you how to make the most of the moves.

Baron Baptiste did not actually do any of the yoga. This alone didn’t bother me. He also talked a lot while we held moves. This didn’t bother me, either. What did bother me? Some parts of the video were too rushed and so I didn’t get the full value of the asanas. Also, he didn’t give many modifications of harder asanas/ moves. I knew many modifications as I’m not new to yoga, but a newcomer to yoga wouldn’t. He spent too much time on one side and not another. He was a bit of a perv, touching the yoga models (two women with “yoga bodies”) inappropriately and lingeringly. He didn’t give any of the sanskrit names of the asanas, and sometimes didn’t even give the English translations (plank was high push-up; chattaranga (sp?) was low push up). But by far my biggest dislike was that he did not give direction on how to adjust your alignment in the positions to keep your joints safe and keep from straining your muscles. I don’t know if it’s that YogaWorks’ DVDs have spoiled me, or if it’s just not his style to talk about proper alignment and modifications. He also doesn’t spend any time talking about the breath, or what benefits the pose has for your body/mind (again, maybe my previous yoga experiences have spoiled me?).

On the positive side, the workout was challenging. I did generate inner heat. I was pushed to my limits and beyond. I found that the edge wasn’t as close as I thought. I put on some dance type music to drown out most of his mindless challenge and was really able to get into it. The sequence of poses usually flowed pretty well from one sequence to another. I felt like I worked every part of my body. 

Yesterday, I struggled with a horrible headache all day. My body presented me with random aches and pains all day. I was so tempted to put off starting the challenge, but once I’d begun the practice, my headache slowly but surely began to ease, along with some of the tightness in my neck and shoulders.

Today, I have a few choices. I’ve narrowed it down between YogaWorks Yoga for Beginners and the Fit Test on Insanity to see where I am today.  Wish me luck!

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3 Responses to 30 Day Challenge Day 1

  1. jsutera654 says:

    Good for you for trying something new even though you weren’t in LOVE with it by the end, you did it and that’s all that matters! Based on what you describe, I think you’d LOVE Core Fusion Yoga Energy Flow, I really do. And no worries, no pervs in that one, promise!

  2. 2blu2btru says:

    I will have to check it out! I’m open to any quality yoga routine! I’ve heard really good things about Shiva Rea with regards to Vinyasa Flow Yoga, so I’m going to get her through Netflix soon. I love that Netflix lets me “try before I buy” with so many fitness DVDs. It sucks to buy a dud. 😦

  3. jobo says:

    I agree on Yoga Flow! I think you can get a couple of the Core Fusion DVDs on Hulu too, if you use that.

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