The Way You Make Me Feel…

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I just got my second wind at work from Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” coming on my iPod. I got that wonderful feeling you get when “your song” comes on the radio (it’s never quite the same when you know it’s the next song, is it?), you know where you just want to throw your hands up and dance around and sing like a crazy person. As much as I love inner peace and poise, nothing beats a feel good song.

Ooh! “The Best Things in Life Are Free” just came on. Janet Jackson, Luther Vandross, Bell Biv Devoe, and a bubbly pop track. My mood is officially elevated.

Not that my mood needs much elevation. It’s my birthday today, and I’ve decided that instead of dwelling on all the things I’m unhappy with or need to work on, rather than counting up all the year’s failures and missed goals, I’m just going to enjoy myself and celebrate today. What am I celebrating?

  • a return to fitness–namely, deciding that I’m going to work out each day, really try to improve my body through yoga, pilates, walking–whatever tickles my fancy. Most importantly, I’m not giving up.
  • a return to writing–I’m sending out a story today, finishing a chapter of my memoir, and updating my wonderful blogs. My blogs have grown in content and readership so much the past year. I’ve written more than I had in previous years, and I’m finally ready to send something out for the first time since December 2006!
  • a thriving relationships with MensHealth. We laugh together, reply in tandem, support each other, and workout together (when I can pry him from Wikipedia, Twitter, and shows like Way Black When). We watch movies together, enjoy music together, and can have fun together with less than $10. It’s one of the best relationships I’ve had with anyone (and that includes friends and family).
  • genuine birthday wishes from family and friends. I don’t mean the ones that Facebook informed it was my birthday, but the ones who really do love me and wish me well.
  • all the future blessings and opportunities God has in store for me, and my ability to pursue them. One of my favorite Bible verses, in Psalms 27, says what I ask God for, that will I also seek. I don’t have to simply sit still and wait for life, for blessings, to come to me. I can pursue them. I am supposed to pursue them. Faith without works is dead, after all. So I’m celebrating my ability to go after what I want in life with the faith that it can/will be mine.

“Hey, Soul Sister” just came on! I just love Train. My favorite lines?: “I don’t wanna miss a single thing you do tonight.” “I believe in you. Like a virgin you’re Madonna, and I’m always gonna wanna blow your mind.” “I can be myself now, finally; in fact there’s nothing I can’t be. I want the world to see you’ll be with me.”

26 is going to be a good year for me, and I don’t wanna miss a single thing that’s going to happen.

A final song to leave you with: As If–Sara Evans! Wow, my iPod is really on right now. This year, I’m going to act as if “this blue sky’s never going to rain down on me. I’m telling myself this true love’s never going to leave me lonely. Unless there’s something I’ve missed, I’m acting as if.” “We don’t have to have that conversation. Baby, don’t you think it’s going fine?…”

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3 Responses to The Way You Make Me Feel…

  1. jsutera654 says:

    Happy birthday girl!! Sounds like things are turning in a very happy direction for you. love it !

  2. Catherine says:

    I missed your birthday because I’m sooo behind on my Google Reader. Happy belated Birthday! You have a great attitude about it. I hope you have a wonderful year 🙂

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