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I’m suffering from DOMS–Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. This is one of the things I did not miss about working out. I hate feeling sore really deep in a muscle, where it’s hard to get to and rub it out (wait, … Continue reading

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You Can’t Rain on My Parade!

After being spoiled by sunny days and warm temperatures, I am not happy about this rainy weather we’re having today. However, I’ve gotten myself into a good routine, and I’m not going to let myself get out of it now. … Continue reading

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We’ll Be Back After These Messages…

The past few weeks have been full of obligations. I’ve been run into the ground preparing for the eduational workshop, my second job, and my dad’s book. I’ve not had much time to attend to my own personal things. Neither … Continue reading

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Where’d It Go?: iPod Pet Peeve

I don’t know about you, but one thing I really hate is when I’m preparing a playlist to workout to (which I can spend an inordinate amount of time doing) and I discover I actually don’t have a song I … Continue reading

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Stress is Good!

When I get worried, nervous, or stressed, I do three things: I run (or used to–apparently now I am jog/walking and working up to running), I clean (and organize), and I write. I also pray, try to meditate, try not … Continue reading

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What Makes You Sweat?

At this particular moment in time, I don’t mean your favorite workouts, things that stress you, or things that make you sick. I’m referring to the little recognized heroes of my workout experiences: songs. One of the reasons I used … Continue reading

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TMI? Maybe…

I wanted to do TMI Tuesday but I missed my chance yesterday. I was out dying jogging/walking two miles after work then watching Reaper on Netflix recovering while eating dinner. This is going to be something I do from time … Continue reading

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