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I’m in love with the fresh produce section!

Yesterday after work I was finally able to cross “grocery shopping” off of the To Do List. For one of the few times in my adult life (read: the second time), I actually spend more time around the perimeter of the grocery store than in the center. What does this mean, you ask? It means that I spent more time putting fresh produce, meat, and dairy into my cart than I did putting pre-packaged, processed foods in it. In went fresh ears of white corn (delicious), broccoli florets, onions, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, chicken, turkey, and steaks. Rice, Hamburger Helper, and a couple Digiorno pizzas also made it in, but a girl has to have some vices, right?

Last night’s dinner was epic: baked steak with red potatoes, white corn on the cob, cheddar broccoli rice (two starches–I know! But I wanted to give the boyfriend, who stopped by, a choice; he ate both, LOL)…it was quite the feast! We sat cross legged in front of my new coffee table watching “In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman“–insane show that has scared MensHealth off marriage for good, I think. Must right a review of it on my review blog, which has been intensely neglected!

The only workout I got yesterday was walking around the grocery store, setting up my coffee table and end table, and cooking 😦 I’ll do better today. Just a few more pages to go on dad’s manuscript, and the new monthly summaries, then I should be free to pursue other things, including this blog.  

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