I’ve never before in life observed Lent. I have my reasons, and you can read my entry “Skinny, Lent-Less Christian” to see what they are. However, one thing about me that’s important to note is that I like new beginnings and opportunities to start fresh when things get sticky, cloudy, dirty, or stop working. Any excuse to do something different that might actually work is fully embraced by yours truly.

Of course, I can never do just one thing at a time, so I’ve decided that I will do a few things differently starting right now. It only takes thirty days to make/break a habit, so I should be able to do it in forty, right (I need a few buffer days)? Here are the things I intend to do the next forty days:

  • Actually work at work: I actually work at work now, but not the full time, I often stop and check blogs, write blogs, comment on blogs–as if they won’t all be there when I get home from work. In fact, many nights I am bored at home because I’ve read and commented everywhere already. So as of today, no more blog related activity at work. I’m going to give my employer an honest day’s work.
  • I’m going to read my Bible at lunchtime: Instead of picking up yet another Harlequin romance or staring at a blank piece of paper, I’m going to read my Bible at lunch. This is the best structured time of my day to do it. I’m awake, alert,ย and best able to take it in. It’s also a time I have free every single day, unlike time in the morning or afternoon when I may have to do something else.
  • Exercise each day: This one always falls through the cracks at a few key times–the weekend, and Wednesdays (sometimes Mondays). MensHealth usually comes over after Bible study Wednesdays and we eat dinner together. Over the weekend, we spend nearly every waking moment together. If he’s not inclined to do any yoga or other exercise (as he usually does too much on his own and pulls, aggravates, or overworks some muscles in his arms or shoulders), I rarely have a free moment to do it.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m giving up being connected during the workday, reading and writing during lunch, and laying on my miserable buns instead of working out. When you break a habit, it helps to create a new one, so at the same time, I’m working a full day, reading the Bible, and exercising. Let’s see how this works out. At least I’ll know the folks who observe Lent will be in similar straits.

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2 Responses to Navel

  1. Catherine says:

    These are great goals. Early on in blogging, I had a similar problem with work. After realizing blogging was hurting my productivity, I now only work on blog items at night/on weekends – and that includes reading and commenting. What’s hard is when work hours get long, and I’m busy on the weekends. It’s hard to get caught up! But I’m working on it ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck with all of this!

    • 2blu2btru says:

      Thanks for the encouragement! When is Lent over, again? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll have to do an update post on this soon…

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