Stress is Good!

Time clock in the Museum at Wookey Hole Caves

I (metaphorically) punch one of these each day...Image via Wikipedia

When I get worried, nervous, or stressed, I do three things: I run (or used to–apparently now I am jog/walking and working up to running), I clean (and organize), and I write. I also pray, try to meditate, try not to eat any carb, cinnamon, carmel, or butter laden treat or ice cream…oh, and I take long hot baths, self-pedicure, put on a masque and/or do my hair. So yes, in the world of 2blu, it pays to be stressed sometimes (a little bit).

I found out from my boss yesterday (before my three mile jog/walk, in which I went a mile further than the last time and jogged for longer distances with greater ease) that I would have a new boss starting Monday–in the human resource department. What this means in the short term is that I now tell someone else (who I’d have to tell anyway) when I want to use PTO or need to call in sick. In the long run, it means I could possibly end up doing HR work, or being an admin, either of which are more in line with what I want to do, make more money than I currently do, and offer better opportunities for advancement (namely because their is more of a career path). The stress of this resulted in a three mile jog, a couple slices of pizza for dinner, and a wash, deep condition, blow dry and flat ironing of my now long silky hair. Thinking of the HR ladies watching my time clock, managing my workflow, and evaluating my performance, and I’m itching to go for a good jog (even though Aunt Flo is visiting) clean my kitchen, catch up on blogging and paperwork. By the time Monday arrives, I just may have a clean apartment, done over $400 worth of editing and paperwork, filed my taxes, and be a size four–and most of that is not an exaggeration.

I can’t say that all of my stressing is work related (although much of it is, between the regular 8-5 and the side gigs); much of it is the pressure to put on this education workshop, which is fast approaching, as well as stay financially on track and maintain and grow a relationship.

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