We’ll Be Back After These Messages…

The past few weeks have been full of obligations. I’ve been run into the ground preparing for the eduational workshop, my second job, and my dad’s book. I’ve not had much time to attend to my own personal things. Neither has MensHealth. Even though I was the one who took on all of this responsibility, MensHealth helped out where he could with the education workshop, among other things. The thing is, he’s been building up resentment (or at least it seems that way to me).

MensHealth is trying to decide whether or not he is going to move. If he is moving, he has to decide where he’s moving to and get all of his paperwork and planning done. He also has to do some things for work, catch up on laundry, clean his apartment, lift weights, and whatever else boys like to do. Of course, he never said anything about having things to do until now. He just let it pile up, and his feelings fester. Then he says “I have to deal with blah blah blah at some point” and “I don’t have any time to take care of what I need to take care of because I’m doing stuff with the church or with you or I’m at work all the time.”

I have no problem with him taking care of things he needs to take care of. I can’t fathom why things have to reach such a level of irritation with him before he says anything. If only he would say, “I have some things to take care of today; we can get together another time” I would understand. But here we are…again.

So once he finally said something today, I told him “this is what we’ll do. You’ll take the weekend and do whatever you need to do instead of hanging out with me. I will do my own thing in the meantime. I will see you next week sometime.”

So, this weekend I will be entertaining myself. What will I do? Who knows. I went running twice last week, a total of six miles (well, I more of less jogged/walked). The week before, I did five miles. I’ve been really into getting out in the beautiful weather and “working on my fitness.” I’ve been working on some stories intermittenly between all of the work I’ve been doing, so I can work on those. I have plenty of thing to read, both from the library and books that I bought. I can blog. I can try out a new recipe. I can catch up on movies and TV shows. I can stay in bed or walk along Lake Monroe. I can visit my aunt and uncle in another town. I can take myself to the fair. I can buy and assemble a computer desk and chair, or a futon.

I don’t have a problem thinking up ways to entertain myself. I don’t have to see him every weekend, especially if he has things he needs to take care of. My issue is why, after over three years of dating, he can’t just say something when he needs to get something done or needs more “me time”? If I needed it, I would ask for it. Why are men so difficult?

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