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I’m suffering from DOMS–Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. This is one of the things I did not miss about working out. I hate feeling sore really deep in a muscle, where it’s hard to get to and rub it out (wait, that didn’t come out right…).

I have no idea what’s wrong with me, but I’m getting a little disappointed with the running thing again. I’ve been going to a trail to run. I don’t like the trail terrain at all, but it’s a one mile trail clearly marked and easy to follow, which is great because I don’t have any other way of tracking how far I’ve gone. However, I’ve landed my foot in a hole or slid on a bunch of leaves more often than I want to think about, so my poor out of shape joints weren’t happy…or prepared. I’ve been trying to do some of the exercises suggested by running mags and websites to get my legs warmed up before running, and I’ve tried a day of cross training to give my legs a little break (I did the bike and yoga at the gym the same day…which may be where the DOMS came from). I just feel like I’m never going to get the hang of this running properly thing.

For instance, one friend tells me to ice down after every run. I hate icing anything down; I’m not doing that every day I exercise. Another person suggests compression socks to improve circulation after a run (which is what the ice is supposed to do). The Dr. Scholl’s machine at Wal-mart says I need new shoes, as my shoes are for one type of foot and they assert I have a different kind. Their inserts, obviously not made for running shoes anyway, are fifty dollars (This is my face >>> O_O). Who should I be listening to? I have no clue.

One of my legs always hurts more than the other for longer than the other after a run, so I probably have an uneven gait, or am overcompensating for having no rhythm (more on that later). My hip joint of the same leg feels over used. I have none of these complaints when I am not running. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not used to it and my body is adjusting, I’m on my way to injury, or I just don’t have the body to be a runner.

I can’t pace myself because I have no sense of rhythm. Repetition does not help this. Neither does following a beat of a song for very long. I can’t keep my stride steady and even because I have no rhythm. When I try to run with the correct form, it’s uncomfortable. When I try to adjust my stride to be a mid-foot striker, I still feel a tremendous amount of pressure in my feet (which Dr. Scholl’s insists is because I have high foot pressure caused by low arches and being over 135 pounds).

We won’t talk about the fact that the scale at the gym on Wednesday said I gained weight. We also won’t talk about the fact it hurts far worse to try and run on the treadmill than on the ground, mostly because my lack of rhythm (again) and inability to judge how fast the belt is going causes me to come down too hard on my knees or fall off the end from running too hard. We won’t talk about watching the first meeting of the couch to 5k group on the treadmills and realizing that with a two week headstart, I still can’t maintain a run pace for that small length of time and recover in that small an amount of time before doing it again. No. We. Won’t.

I need a little exercise encouragement, a running pick me up. I’ve reverted to frowning at my gross gut and fat knees in my full length mirror. I feel like I’m never going to get there. What do you guys do to beat the running/exercising blues? How do you deal with DOMS? Am I just being a baby? 

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