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Officially Insane…and Unfit

I finally got around to taking the Insanity Fit Test today and actually writing down my results. The result? I’m horribly unfit. What? Oh, you want all the gory details? OK. Here are my results for 4/21/2011 (keeping in mind … Continue reading

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The Shakes

I don’t know about you all, but for me, working out is hard. One of the hardest things about working out, for me, is that I often find my body is betraying me. I mean it. She is a total … Continue reading

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TMI Tuesday

I have missed a Tuesday or two, but it’s not because I haven’t been pondering a thing or two I could use for TMI Tuesday. Today’s TMI Tuesday, much like the last one, is about “downstairs,” but in a completely … Continue reading

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Cross-Train Drain

I’m tired of trying to cross-train, friends and neighbors. It sucks not being able to head outside and enjoy the sunshine, shade trees, and fresh air. Of course, if I had a bike or a tennis partner, I could do … Continue reading

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Exploits of a Gymie

As I am a gymie (or “gym newbie”), I’m forever fascinated by the spectacle that is the gym. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve hung out in gyms before. It’s just that I’ve never gone consistently, except for that stretch at … Continue reading

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TMI Tuesday…

There are some things a girl just needs to know, but is too embarrassed to ask outright. It may be considered by some to be TMI to discuss certain things, but how else are you going to get the answers … Continue reading

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