Cross-Train Drain

I’m tired of trying to cross-train, friends and neighbors. It sucks not being able to head outside and enjoy the sunshine, shade trees, and fresh air. Of course, if I had a bike or a tennis partner, I could do those outside, but since I don’t, I’m stuck cross training on the bike, row machine, elliptical, or doing yoga ALL. THE.TIME. I’m trying to cross running off of my to be tried list of possible fit passions, but it’s not working with me. Stupid foot.

The good news about the foot is that it’s gone down and is thisclose to normal size. It no longer hurts to walk on and even held up OK in the heels I wore to church yesterday. The foot is on the road to wellness…and now I have no running shoes. Grr!

I had to redefine my Lent-less goals, partly because of the foot injury, but also because of the jog/walking intervals (when I was doing them). So as not to overdo it, my runner friend suggested to start out going every other day and have rest days in between, so I did. So to work out everyday wasn’t a possibility when my focus was on running. Then I was sidelined with the foot thing. The goal for cross training was for every other day.

So, how did I do? Well, I did the jogging/walking intervals two weeks, two days a week instead of three (mon & thurs, tues & thurs) then a Monday and Friday (new shoes day). I was injured, so I went back to the gym and did the bike and yoga class Monday before last, then went back thursday ( I think). Last week, I went on Tuesday. So, not on target, but a vast improvement over the start of the year, getting in at least two days of physical activity a week.

To shake up my current cross training funk, I’m going to add in an exercise that’s a little more leg intensive: Insanity. I keep meaning to add it in, as plyometrics is a good cross training option for running. I’m going to attempt the fit test today after work. I alread have my outfit picked out, so that should help with motivation.

Does anyone have any other creative, fun, or innovative cross training ideas?

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