Officially Insane…and Unfit

I finally got around to taking the Insanity Fit Test today and actually writing down my results. The result? I’m horribly unfit. What? Oh, you want all the gory details? OK.

Here are my results for 4/21/2011 (keeping in mind my sore hip socket/groin):

Switch kicks: 80 (I’m pretty awesome)

Power Jacks: 30 (still doing good)

Power Knees: 60 (not bad, not bad)

Power Jumps: 14 (uh-oh)

Globe Jumps: 5 (ooh…but in my defense, there are four jumps in a rotation, so it’s more like 20)

Suicide jumps: 10 (come on, 2blu– you can do better than that)

Push Up Jacks: 4 (*hanging my head in shame)

Low Plank Obliques: 25 (surprised I had anything left in the tank
You have to see how many of each you can do in one minute, so really this is, aside from warm up and cool down, ten minutes or so of high intensity cardio–and I’m dead (or I would be if my hip would just let me die; its throbbing lets me know I’m still alive). I’m pouring sweat and guzzing water. There’s no way I’d make it thorugh an actual Insanity workout. Whew! I never sweat like this! It’s gross. 😦 I want a shower. In fact, I’m having a shower…as soon as I can move.

I found a journal post of mine on another site where I was complaining about being 111 pounds… O_O <<<my face when I read that. Umm, I would do some things I’m ashamed to admit to be that little. Sad part? I was 115 when I met MensHealth in person the first time–3 and a quarter years ago. That’s not that long ago. I was 22/23. What the fuss? Now I’m hover around 140. The.Madness.Must.Stop. Even if I have to fight madness with Insanity.

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2 Responses to Officially Insane…and Unfit

  1. Catherine says:

    I totally feel you on this. While I guard my weight like it’s a national secret, I too have found old journals where I was complaining about how fat I was at 10-20 pounds lighter. I wish I could go back and say, “Enjoy this time! You are not fat! You are gorgeous! But stop eating. You are about to gain some serious weight.” haha 🙂

    • 2blu2btru says:

      Yes! I so wish I could tell myself things like “keep running; don’t get out of the habit!” or “give up soda now before it’s too late!” LOL. I am still trying to get back on the healthy path. I’m still trying to find my fitness passion. It came so easily back then.

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