TMI Tuesday: Other Relatives

Well, we’ve already talked about “Aunt Flo” on TMI Tuesday, so now let’s talk about another relative–Granny. Yes, as in panties. You see, I have a problem with underwear. I’ve had this problem for a long, long time now. It all started when I worked a JC Penny’s, as did many of my odd clothing TMI things.

I love pretty panties. Not that anyone sees them, mind you; I just like them. I also have a predilection for really pretty nightwear–silky nightgowns with spaghetti straps are my favorites. I had many boy shorts, hipsters, thongs, and bikinis. I had all the underwear that was cut so you couldn’t put a cheek in. I loved lace, as long as it had a some cotton in the crotch (gotta breathe). I slid across my sheets, warm from a hot shower, smelling wonderful, dressed for a sexy night…all by myself. It was bliss.

So tell me why when I look around now, all I see are granny panties and pajama sets in my closet? What happened to all of that stuff? My potions, lotions, skimpy sleepwear, frilly underwear–all gone. Nothing has changed–still no husband/bed partner, no one to dress up for–yet I’ve lost my desire for frills and fragrance at bedtime.

I more often than not fall asleep watching TV on my futon than in my bed. There’s no nighttime ritual of preparing myself for bed. It’s sad really. I’ve reintroduced myself to running (and sweating!–that’s almost worth another entry), and it’s already making me more confident (if not a wit faster–yet); yet when it comes to “bringing sexy back” to my bedroom, I can’t get my rear in gear.

So, how do you pull yourself out of a beauty/fashion/feeling sexy in the sheets (by yourself…or with someone) slump? I’ve fallen into the no one’s here to impress/no one will know anyway groove (as I did when it came to specific grooming habits), and I want to get back to the nighttime diva I used to be. So what do you suggest?

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One Response to TMI Tuesday: Other Relatives

  1. Catherine says:

    I say you just gotta force yourself to do it. Do it 10 times in a row, and maybe it’ll become a habit. And while you are forcing yourself to get all sexy for bed, be sure to mentally acknowledge all the things you enjoy about the experience. Sort of positive reinforcement.

    But gotta admit… if it were me… I’d just find a new love for being lazy and sleeping on the couch in sweats. That feels pretty good to me too 🙂 — As long as I don’t let my looks go when I’m actually in public too!

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