Thoughtful Thursday: Weighing In

This really isn’t controversial personal enough to be a TMI Tuesday (or maybe it is), but it’s been on my mind from some of the blog reading that I’ve been doing. The question of the day is: how often do you weigh yourself, and for what purpose?

I’ve never been a scale junkie. I can probably count on my fingers and toes the times I’ve voluntarily weighed myself in the past ten years (this is not counting doctor visits and their awful mandatory weighing). For the most part, I felt good about my weight range and the way I looked, so I never bothered to keep up with the numbers. I usually went by how I felt: if I felt like I had gained too much weight, I picked up my workouts. Now that I’m getting old more conscious of my need for a more consistent workout schedule and tired of seeing fat larger than I would like body parts, I’ve come back to the question of the scale.

I know people who weigh themselves in a wide range of intervals, everything from every day to every two or three weeks. I realize for some people, this is accountability, encouragement, a wake up call, but for someone like me, it’s just torture. Weight can fluctuate so much based on the scale(s) you use, the time of day, the moon’s gravitational pull on the water in your body, a hex put on you by your boyfriend’s ex (just kidding with that last one, but it sure seems like it). When I do look at the numbers, I become way too invested in it. Perhaps you’ve seen a couple of my breakdowns over the numbers on the scale after I’d been working out consistently? Yeah, happens every time. For real.

So, how’s your relationship with the scale? Do you use other means to track your progress? Does the scale take a toll on your self-esteem? How can I overcome all of the freakouts and breakdowns I have after weighing in? Help me out here, folks!

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2 Responses to Thoughtful Thursday: Weighing In

  1. The T says:

    I weigh myself weekely…I run 4-6 miles daily..and workout 4 times a week like a machine… sometimes i just want to make sure I’m doing what i gotta do to keep the machine performing well… it’s not tmi…and hey if you freakout, maybe you just need someone to chat with about what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong and to give you some moral support… for me, i just want to make sure that I’m keeping myself fit for whatever girl i choose eventually… gotta keep whoever she is happy since if momma ain’t happy, no body is happy….


  2. Catherine says:

    I have a torturous relationship with the scale. When I’m dieting, I look at it every day. It can help determine whether it’s going to be a good or a bad day. Whether I am a success or a failure. Then, I get tired of being so hard on myself and pessimistic, and I’ll go weeks without weighing myself. During these times, when I go to the doctor, I dread getting on the scale. The not knowing is better than knowing and feeling bad about myself. I’ve been struggling for years to have a better relationship with the scale, and ultimately my weight. I can say I’ve gotten better, but I’m still not where I want to be.

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