Thoughtful Thursday

  • I’m at an age where I’m young enough to sympathize and old enough to know better. It’s like I’m sitting on top of the fence between teenager/young adult and adulthood, trying to pluck up enough courage to step down into being a grown up. It’s so easy for me to see the results of decisions that the teenagers and young adults around me are making, but I hesitate to say anything to them about their decisions, because I know how I was at that age. A part of me says There are some things that can’t be told; they just have to be lived, but at the same time, a part of me wants to tell them anyway. Not that they’ll listen and take all of the advice I’d give them; I didn’t. I still don’t know if it’s better to advise or wait to be asked.
  • I feel myself rushing towards crossroads at ninety miles an hour, and I don’t know which way I’m supposed to turn. I know I can’t stop when I get to the fork in the road, and quick snatches at the map and fiddling with the GPS aren’t helping. What does that mean? It means that I realize at some point in time I’m going to have to make some decisions, and I’m not ready to make them yet. Too bad life doesn’t have pause, stop, rewind, or fast forward buttons.
  • I am so tired I can barely think . I haven’t been sleeping well, nor have I been getting much done. My thoughts seemed to be a little overloaded. It’s almost like I’m sitting down watching myself, willing myself to check something off of my long to do list, but I don’t seem to be able to. I feel like I’m moving through sludge. This vacation can’t come fast enough.
  • I need a day of pampering–get my hair done, mani & pedi, face mask, waxing–the absolute works. I need a long hot soak in the bath with a fancy soap and nice bubbles.
  • Things to do before I leave: Oil change, transmission fluid change, check car insurance for coverage, wash clothes, pack, finish outstanding work, make a road playlist, clean out my car, clean out my fridge, clean apartment, buy snacks, get some rest.
  • I need this three day weekend! An extra day to wrap things up and get things taken care of will do me a lot of good.
  • I need to get back on the exercising wagon. I only went exercising twice last week. Whether I go to the gym tonight, do a video at home or go to the trail, I have to get a workout in tonight. It’s not like I’m being productive when I go home. Maybe by getting my adrenaline up with a workout, I can gain enough energy to do something.

Too many thoughts running around my head today. I need to stop thinking so much before my head explodes. What are your plans for the holiday? Any vacations or other things you’re looking forward to this summer?

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