Early Morning Carpé Diem…or Whatever

It may surprise you that I’m up at 7:30 on an overcast, rainy Saturday, but most people that know me know I slept in :D. What should surprise you, though, is what I’m about to do: I’m going to Saturday morning yoga at the gym. Yes, I’m up early, not to watch TV or movies, not to go interview someone for my blog or head to the church for some event or other; I’m up early to exercise.

I went to my first Saturday morning yoga last week. I didn’t even take real gym shoes. I was only staying long enough to do a few asanas and go home. I just wanted to get my feet wet. After another week of inactivity (mostly because of Aunt Flo…still don’t know if you can’t do yoga/inversions during your cycle or not,  so I gave it a miss), I’m up to go to yoga and get on a cardio machine or two. It makes no sense for me to a) waste my gym membership (that, while not expensive, isn’t exactly free) and  b) complain about being fat if I’m not going to do anything about it.

Besides that, I want to workout. I want to feel awake and alive after I leave the gym. There are many things I don’t like about exercising– sweating (I still think sweat is gross), DOMS, the possibility of injury, feeling fat and sweating in places I didn’t have a few years ago–but one thing I do like is that no matter how I felt going in, I always feel better after having done it.

So, I’m going to yoga. I’m just praying we are doing something other than opening my hips; they are still a little angry at me for last week.


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