Beauty is Pain!

I bet you all are wondering how the workout thing is going for me. Well, let me just say that I am sleeping really well and my body is sore. If you follow me on twitter, then you’ve heard about my recent exploits, but if not, here’s what has happened with my fitness goals so far this month:

  • I jumpstarted my own fitness rededication on the thirtieth with a couch to 5K workout with MensHealth. I vowed to be more active in August and finally get some of this weight off of me. It really came home to me when I split a skirt getting into my car (that was my bottom–both literally and figuratively).
  • On the 4th, I came home and did YogaWorks Slim (formerly BodySlim) and realized: a) how out of shape I am b) how tight my shoulders STILL are, and c) that my arms are STILL puny. On Friday, I went to the gym and did the cybex machine for thirty minutes, some abs, and then biked for twenty-six minutes.
  • A co-worker invited me to exercise with her this week. I love how I told her I was trying to get back in there and she just invited me to workout with her. On Monday, we did BodyPump. BodyPump is a toning class using weights that works the entire body. My entire body was really sore. Yesterday, I went to cycling, sore and all. When we started, I thought I was about to die from leg pain, but as we got warmed up, my legs hurt less. Then we climbed and climbed…and climbed, and after my ten minute car ride home, I almost couldn’t get out of my car.
  • So, what hurts? 1 calf (just one), my underarms (feels like if you caught yourself with your underarms on the parallel bars in gymnastics), my shoulders, my THIGHS (inner, outer, front, back) and my BUTT (tiny biking seats, squats, lunges, hovering over bike seat to work glutes, etc).
  • I’m not meeting my co-worker today, so I’m debating between a rest day and a Couch to 5K day. I’m learning to live with the pain. I think it’s the good pain, but it’s been a while since I’ve had the good or bad pain from working out.
  • I don’t know if this happens to you, but after a workout, I’m ravenous. The thing is, I can’t eat very much. It’s like my stomach is in knots or something. I never knew working out could be an appetite suppressant.

So, aside from working out, how have I been doing? Pretty well, actually. I’ve gotten a lot accomplished at work this week, I’ve been cooking at home this week, and I am back to writing something each day. I’ll have a more in-depth post on everything else this week, including Friday’s unconventional workout playlist, the shakes, and how I may have been talked into doing the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. Oh, and all of the non-workout related stuff, too. 😉

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One Response to Beauty is Pain!

  1. JessSutera says:

    Disney Princess half?? Do tell!!! PS LOVE the workout updates, keep at it girl!!

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