Beauty is Pain, Part Deux

We all know exercising can be painful, but there are other ways in which beauty is painful that I’ve experienced in this push to be healthier and feel better about myself:

  • Tweezing hurts! However, when you don’t have the money to have unwanted chin hairs waxed or to clean up your eyebrows, you have to do what  you have to do.
  • Shaving my legs can get painful, too. I shaved off a huge chunk of ankle skin and bled like I was dying–not to mention the uber attractive scab that formed on my ankle.
  • The things I affectionately call “scary pants”–“bodyshaping underwear”; need I say more?
  • I’m trying to cut down on soda and drink more water. I forgot that drinking more water means going to the bathroom a lot more. It also means coming back from the bathroom and having your bladder banging on your pelvis you have to pee so bad–AGAIN!
  • I need to invest in flats. That is all.

CX Worx is…well…work. I’ve never been so thoroughly worked out from a thirty minute class! The teacher was better than she’s been in the past for body attack, but I still thought she was a little harsh for my tastes. When I first got on my spin bike, I felt like spin class was a bad idea, but after we got going, it turned into the good hurt. Somewhere around forty minutes in, I thought I would die, but I made it.

This week has been really lazy, but it’s time to focus on the running part of the goal (hence why I’m being more conscious to hydrate). I need to start developing a better stretching routine (cue lost hours on Runner’s World and Women’s Running magazine websites), but otherwise, I’m ready to run. I need to time my mile and see what my pace is now so I can start increasing it. I hear the best way to increase pace is speedwork/interval training, but what’s the best way to increase pace AND distance? My co-worker is all about core work and cardio—but the right cardio. Spin, which I actually like, is not the right cardio, in her opinion (why, I’m not sure; most people tell me spin is a great cross-train day). She is suggesting BodyStep and/or Sh’Bam. I don’t like dancing, I have no rhythm, and my coordination is iffy.

Right now, I like yoga, spin, bodyflow, cx worx (which is all core, all the time), and even a bit of BodyPump (so I can get some weight training in). Any other workout suggestions are welcome.

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