Once More With Corrective Shoes!

OK, so my shoes aren’t REALLY corrective, but they look like it. I went back to the running store yesterday because I knew after my run on Friday that I needed to be fitted for running shoes again. My arch still wasn’t supported enough, because it was STILL hurting and painful after running a short while. My legs and breathing were great, but my feet and ankles hurt too much. It wasn’t a “good hurt”; it was unbearable.

When I read the running store was having a sale as they were moving to a new location, I felt like it was a sign. If I’m really going to be serious about this half-marathon, I needed a new shoe.

I decided to go through the whole fitting process again and tell the salesperson (who had the same name as me) what I’d been experiencing. When she came out with a test shoe, it was a brand I didn’t try the first time. While it felt way more secure than the other shoes had, it was also pretty heavy. The soles were really thick and my arch had the support it needed, but I knew it would be difficult to lift my feet at mile 10 with them on. Through the process of elimination, I came away with these:

The "Slightly Better Than Corrective Shoes"

“These” are Puma Complete Cectana 2 W ortholite shoes (at least, that’s what the box and shoes say in different areas). As of right now, I decided to forgo the inserts, but we’ll see how that goes.

I wanted to get a new sports bra as well. My chest hurt after my run of Friday as well (mostly because my sports bra was too small, I discovered). I tried on a few different bras, but the best was the Moving Comfort Juno sports bra…what I got was the on sale (but very comfortable as well) Moving Comfort Phoenix, which was half the price ($52 vs. 25!).

I also had a little sweat problem, with sweat running into my eyes, so I had to get a sweaty band and try that out. I got a wide one, that looks like this (or, rather, is this):

My new SweatyBand

I was going to do a take two run yesterday, but that didn’t happen, so I’m shooting for this evening to see if the new shoes, bra and sweaty band make a difference in my training. Wish me luck!



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One Response to Once More With Corrective Shoes!

  1. The T says:

    i love the new shoes…they look awesome…I know I need to get a new pair of shoes too…the current ones have thousands of miles on them and it’s about the best relationship I have had until recently…glue..coming undone..too many times in the washer….dammit…


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