Listening to my iPod > Listening to My Body

I think it’s time my body & I saw other people. All she ever does is complain. She doesn’t use her words well & is a horrible communicator. She gets all dramatic and acts like a three year old when the rest of me is ready to do what I need to do. She’s sending me mixed signals. I think I’m going to have to let her go.

If you’re just tuning in to our regularly scheduled program, first of all, welcome. I’ve recently been on a whole exercise kick that led to me accepting an invitation to run/walk/crawl a half-marathon. After a few runs with varying levels of success, my body and I are on the outs.

Confession time: I hate how weak and fat my body has gotten over the years. I know that I helped it get there, and some days my motivation is non-existent, but I feel like my body is working against me. Every time I tweak something to fix a problem, my body comes up with something else. I got new running shoes and said buh-bye to arch/ foot pain for two runs in a row now. Yoga has helped regulate my breathing, even in this humidity. My legs will even feel fresh, and my new cool sweaty band will keep the sweat from my eyes. Now that I feel perfectly ready and enthused: my form goes screwy; my left knee doesn’t seem to be bending; my hip starts to hurt; shin and calves get a bit tight, and; my turnover is uneven and a tad too slow for my stride, so one foot is kind of swung around. AAAAAAAHHH!

Some of these aches are phantom aches that start the moment I make up my mind to run that day and would disappear the moment I decide not to; it’s happened before. Some simply require better hydration/fueling and more stretching, but the bigger problem seems to be my fat body doesn’t want to move. I’m sure it wants to have energy and be toned and sexy as much as I do. I’m sure it wants to be a few pounds lighter (after all, that would be easier on my joints). The problem is, it doesn’t want to work to get there.

I thought lack of motivation was the prerogative of the mind. Hmph. I’m like a new father; I’m learning to separate the miscellaneous cries from the important ones. I’m putting on my headphones and sleepy through the complaints, and I’ll stop when I need to. If my body and I are going to get through this rough patch, I’m going to have to selectively listen to my body. All other times, I’m listening to the iPod and tuning her out. I’m praying we make through…or else I’ll be shopping for a new body soon.

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One Response to Listening to my iPod > Listening to My Body

  1. JessSutera says:

    Honestly? It sounds like your brain is causing the problem more than your body (not that your aches and injuries aren’t real, per se). I think you are lacking confidence in your body and not giving it a chance to prove itself to you. Trust it! You’ll be surprised at how it responds once you trust more. FWIW…

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