We had a Good Run

This weekend was a relaxing one before we embark on one that will involve some outreach and planning for part of it. Friday’s run was…challenging. I decided to stop clock watching so much and just do my best, pushing when I could and backing off when I needed to. I saw a tiny flicker of my running mojo, but that was it.

Saturday, MensHealth and I took our time for the first time in a month of Saturdays–dawdling over breakfast, watching sportcenter and other such indulgences. I got up early, washed and conditioned my hair, and flat ironed it. I washed three loads of clothes as well before the singles’  ministry game night.

The game night was a success. Many people showed up and we had a great fellowship playing Family Feud, Phase 10, checkers, Tonk, and Spades while eating pizza and snacks. Hopefully, everyone had a good enough time to continue participating with the ministry.

OnSunday after church service, I made chilli cheese fries while we watched part of the football games, then MensHealth dosed in front of the football game and I continued watching episodes of Heavy. Heavy is a series on A&E that I discovered on Netflix. Each episode follows two super or morbidly obese people for six months through an intensive program to help the lose weight and save their lives. The first season had people from Texas and South Carolina.

Watching all of these people be told about the health problems they have from being overweight and seeing them struggle to do things I take for granted made me really thankful for the mobility and strength that I do have. I made not be where I feel I should be, but I can do a lot, and by continuing to push myself, I can get stronger and better.

This inspired me to go running. I woke up MH from his nap and we set off for the trail. Instead of the unpaved, shell-lined mile loop, I did the paved trail. I was able to push myself, run more, and faster than usual. I beat my mile time by 50 seconds to get my new personal best (since I started running again): 15:01! The second mile was really slow (20:00), but I really picked it up the last mile. There’s a bit of confusion with the ipod, but it recorded a new recor mile of 13:26! 😀 I don’t know how accuate that is (my ipod went dark twice and I had to wake it up), but I know either way I got a peronal best (or two).

The best part is that it was easier to do. It was still challenging. My legs still got sore and breathing was still a struggle. I’m still working on my form. But it felt good, I went faster, and when I didn’t run as far as I wanted, a just walked a bit and went back to jogging instead of beating myself up about it. This was the first run where I felt like I could do a bit more afterwards (even though feeling & ability are two different things)–not in an “I didn’t push it” way, but in an “I’m not going to die after 3 miles; this is progress” way.

All in all, I had a good weekend, with good leisure time, a good fellowship, and a good run.

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