My Life Sans Cable

You may have noticed a prolonged silence on all of my blogs lately. A major reason for this is because I have no internet right now. I am typing this from my cell phone (forgive any spelling errors; this keyboard is small). They wanted to go up on my cable/internet/home phone combo pack by nearly $50! I had a sweet deal: wireless Turbo internet, an HD DVR and a regular DVR, cable w/ Showtime/TMC, and a landline (for faxing) for about 115 (133 w/ assorted fees). My house was a command center. A year later, they wanted to charge $175 + fees for the same deal minus the HD DVR. Umm, what? I was cutting the box because one of my TVs died and I thought it would lower my bill, but altering the package cancels the deal. Go figure.

Thanks to this phone, I keep up with twitter & such, and my blu ray player (that I just recently acquired) keeps me entertained with the help of Netflix (through the mail; no internet means I can’t stream through my blu ray–Bah!), but wordy posts are out of the question, as well as all the pics from my mini vacay (which I need to write about). Comments from me are also thin on the ground.

Never fear, though; I’m looking into AT&T for services, and if it’s not cheaper, I will have to downgrade to cheaper services where I am (even though the lowest was nearly $100–too high for such few services in my opinion). Until then, expect a word or two from me.


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