Oh, Happy Day!

Today has started out really well so far. I plan on re-capping the positives in the month of October that I have experienced, as well as the bumps, but today is about the little pleasures of a Monday I wasn’t too sure about.

I woke up this morning feeling like it was a Monday. I didn’t want to go to work, but I quickly kicked the thought of calling in aside. I was ready to attack this last leg of accounting (and hope that this was really the end of accounting work). I took my positive attitude with me when I left out on time.

First thing, my under boss (assistant manager) informs me we will have brownies & cupcakes for our boss for Bosses’ Day. She’s allergic to chocolate as well, so the was a vanilla option for me! Yay!

She calls me in later to tell me that I am going to help out in legal for a while, as accounting is tapering off and they need help. “If you’re anything like me, you could probably use a break from the same thing all day every day.” Why yes, I certainly can. It’s a new department, new skill, & new place to report to. I get to expand my knowledge base. Additionally, since I’ll be in models & millionaires-land (first floor, home of the lawyers and supermodel-esque admins), I have the push I need to update my work look & dress for success plan (to be detailed later).

When the pub specials were sent this morning, they debuted a new menu, which has some new, wonderful choices. The one I can’t wait to introduce to my belly– Blackened Chicken Alfredo. Also tasty & tempting are new bbq ribs, pulled pork/brisket, a quarter chicken meal at a great price, and new side item choices. Yummy!

The good news train started this weekend, with getting out of second job in 2 hours instead of the usual ALL DAY. We also finally saw Captain America and talked over MensHealth good news. On Sunday, the message confirmed for me I was doing the right thing having a singular focus on the Marriage Kit project right now, and that I shouldn’t be swayed from it. I asked for help with some things I need to look into regarding it. Overall, the weekend set me up being hopeful, & today, so far, has been anything but a typical Monday.

More Later

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