Thoughts at the Beginning of Week 2, 2012

Last week went as well as the first week of a new year could. In my making me a priority campaign, I spent Sunday morning washing, deep conditioning, and flat ironing my hair. I wore it down all week and received many compliments on it. More importantly, I felt like I looked my best and that gave me a confidence boost.

I was determined to put my best foot forward workwise, especially as I learned my review would be last Thursday. I’m always a little nervous come review time. I know I do a good job, but it’s a matter of the bosses’ perception of how well I did.

It turns out I had nothing to worry about on that score. I received a great review, a great raise, and the standard bonus. To put it into perspective: my salary wasn’t adjusted when I took this new position. I was told that it was comparable to my old position and I would make about the same, but it would be reviewed around review time. I wasn’t happy with the salary I had, but there was more opportunity for advancement, and I believed that once they saw how much more responsibility I had than before and how hard I worked, they would adjust my pay accordingly, and they did. In fact, I got the exact salary I was thinking of that very day! As for the bonus, there is a standard bonus as a max and you can get less (maybe more, but I haven’t heard of it). I got the maximum raise of anyone in my department. That was a major confidence booster.

I looked around at some TVs this weekend, deciding which I would like to get once I have my bonus in hand. My old tube TV is at less than it’s best, and my bedroom TV died already. I have wanted a new TV for a while, and this is the perfect “extra money” gift with which to get one.

Of course, now that I have myreview and salary information, I can make my financial and career goals for the new year. I’ve been ruminating over those for a little while now, and once I see a few checks at my new salary, I’ll be even more clear on what I want to do.

My goal for making New Year’s Resolutions is always by my birthday, which is in February. I usually have some idea by the first, but my year begins and ends on my birthday; in short, I’m not allowing myself to feel anxiety about not having completed setting my goals for the new year. I want to get to know the year a little better first. 😉

How  has your 2012 started out?

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