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 have been thinking how I want to communicate a few of my goals, and it struck me, as I was doing run walk intervals with MensHealth, nearly dying, that I was using a method for getting around the track that might be useful. It was further brought home by the sermon at church on Sunday, which was about walking. God really knows how to drive a point home, doesn’t He?

In my running life, there are things I need to stop doing and things I need to start doing. For example, MensHealth asked me if I was aware that I lean forward when I run. “It seems like you would move faster but you would as tire more quickly. You should try to run straighter; it uses less energy.” I was too busy trying not to die to tell him I only did that when I got tired. When you get tired, form is the first thing to go most of the time. I have to stop doing that. Even though speeding up at the end, bent over, seems to get me further in the moment, in the long run I’d get farther if I just walked a bit. It would be better to slow to a walk than end up bent over grabbing my knees and not moving.

In order to make any real progress in life, merely stopping or quitting is not enough. The best way to rid yourself of a bad habit is to develop another (better) habit. The yin and yang of personal improvement is to balance out stoping with starting. This is the way I want to think of my Year Twenty-Seven goals, a series of stops and starts working in tandem to make me a better person.

I’ll be writing a few post detailing some of these goals. I believe that putting my goals down in writing will help me to achieve them by keeping me accountable to them. The first stop/start I want to tackle? Stop being over-involved and start making time for myself.

What are some stops and starts you would like to work on this year? Do you want to guest write a Stop/Start? Leave a comment in the comments section or email me at

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