Time Wasted!

I think I may be drunk on free time with this whole experience. It’s kind of remarkable what I’ve been able to focus on and do in the nearly two weeks without social networking. I made a doctor’s appointment, which will be this Thursday, and I got copies of all three of my credit reports for free from annualcreditreport.com. I’ve been to the gym a couple times and out on the trail again. I bought new shoes for exercising (OK–MH bought me new shoes for exercising). I’ve been writing and reading. I cleaned up a beach with my co-workers (a beautiful beach in Ponce Inlet). I’ve survived meetings at work.

That last one may not sound like it fits, but the thing is, I’m not very involved in the office meetings. I’ve been encouraged to bring a book or something to do until they need me. I usually have my phone and do a quick check of Facebook or Twitter, or I read blogs from my Google reader. I’ve been through three meetings so far, but today is the real test: the full day of meetings. I have to make sure I’m prepared with a good book, a notebook to write in, and other non-social media related things to do, like maybe a puzzle book. Wish me luck.

Now that this challenge is almost over, I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I have definitely brought the focus back to me–from my health, to my finances, to where I want to live when my lease is up, to concentrating at work. I’ve freed up a lot of time to write and read. I finally watched things I’ve been meaning to watch. I got new pillows. It’s been a great run. The trick will be to continue leading a balanced life once 12:01am Friday signals the end of my two weeks sans social networking, to continue to focus on my own journey and not spend so much time comparing myself to others.

I’m so excited my doctor’s appointment falls before the end of the two weeks. I get to ask about the problems I’ve been having physically when I run and get a professional answer instead of scouring the interwebs. I get to have an answer other than to try and push myself anyway. Pray for a clean bill of health for me, or some proactive steps towards one.

More later…

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