there’s a face mask drying on my face as I sit here typing this fresh from the shower. My heels are somewhere near the door and I’m trying to figure out which top to wear (don’t worry; I already found the bottom!). I could really use something to stuff my face with, but instead I’m about to rub on lotion and run into my clothes like a crazy person. Why?

‘Cause I’m going out tonight!

I’m going to a screening of a movie! It’s my first time, so I’m excited. I’m hoping it’s different from just going to the movies. That would be such a let down. I’m hoping to have something different to report back. I am taking my camera (OK, fine, I’m taking my phone) just in case I come across anything exciting and different.

Well, gotta go wash the mask down the sink, fix my hair, get dressed and get out the door in–twenty minutes? Uh-oh!



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