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Time is of the Essence: Timing is Everything Pt. 2

What I intended to say Sunday morning when I began writing was about the futility of impatience and wanting things before their time. In our lives, we often proclaim how we “can’t wait” for something to happen: to graduate high … Continue reading

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Timing is Everything

              I don’t have time to write this post, or I should say maybe I should write this post another time. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, though, and it isn’t … Continue reading

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This is What Happens When You Listen…

Y’all…I have been having such a spiritual renewal since Sunday! I hadn’t been feeling like I was where I was supposed to be spiritually for a while, and I just couldn’t see to get back there. One thing that I … Continue reading

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Isn’t She Lovely?

It’s been a lovely Sunday for me. I spoke to my dad early this morning for a while to wish him a happy father’s day and catch up before going to an amazing Sunday School service (late, but I still … Continue reading

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Admitting Defeat

This week, I’ve been given more responsibilities at work in addition to what I already had to do, responsibilities that take a lot of my time. I should have said a long time ago that I wouldn’t be able to … Continue reading

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One Step Forward…

Two steps back. I’m having a frustrating one two step with life right now. I am not anywhere near on track with my goals for the year I am 27; in fact, I have digressed. In. Every. Area. No, seriously. … Continue reading

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