The Ravages of the Day(s)

This past week has been a really rough one in a lot of ways. With the holiday in the middle of the week, and everyone at work off the entire week anyway, I was buried under work. While trying to coordinate doing the work of at least two people, I found out that we were hiring someone else in a similar position to mine, and all of the probably unfounded fears of being fired or demoted came up. I imagined whole conversations of “this isn’t working out the way we anticipated” and “we made a mistake.” Reading applicant qualifications didn’t make me feel any better either. A non-Christian would say I “lucked” into this job, but I’m not that far gone; I know that God arranged it just so–I just don’t know to what purpose. Job insecurity is running rampant right now.

We are more than halfway through this year, and this year is a major year of decisions for me. At the end of this year, my lease is up and I have to decide whether I’m staying here or moving elsewhere. My relationship status will change one way or another, a topic which has elicited some odd conversations as of late that do nothing to decrease stress in that area of my life. Annual reviews will be conducted on my job and my salary will be reviewed at this time as well.

In order to prevent myself from getting too caught up on things that aren’t even here to be dealt with yet, I have been doing what I do best under stress: cleaning. In fact, I am almost done going through old papers and throwing away or shredding things I no longer need. I came across some excellent aids in my memoir, such as my withdrawal letter from school and etc. I have been so deep into the Sunday School lessons and just soaking in the Word. I’ve been doing everything but doing the exercises for the Naked Challenge.

Here’s the thing: no one seemed to be attempting it, and at this moment in my life, with so much going on that I need to focus on (like work, God, and what I really want my life to look like), it didn’t seem necessary to add another commitment like this challenge. I know what all the exercises are and can work them as I see fit. At some point, I will continue to post them, but for right now, I have others things to write about that I would like to share with you more.


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