INEBIGTDIA: Starting the Month Off On Faith

Some things have really been lining up for me in the last few weeks. I had been dabbling in working on my book off and on as I’ve been feeling the return of my zealousness for my Christian walk, but a few weekends ago,  I really broke through. I sat and began to write on an idea I had at work, and the writing just flowed.

A couple months ago, I asked my minister for some help on the book, and he gave me the number of another minister who wrote for a Christian publication and who may have some tips for me and help me get published. I hadn’t called him, but I finally began to think about calling since I had taken up really writing on the project again. It turns out, he is leading our revival at church this week, so I had the opportunity to meet him in person and ask him about it.

It should have made me very excited to be able to meet him face to face and take the beginning steps on the road to publication. This seemed to be confirmation that I was on the right track with the timing of everything, but I am hopelessly shy and I hate introducing myself. I’m not a good networker at all. It’s my least crafted skill. I’m almost never excited to introduce myself to new people or speak in front of them, and during the course of the past week, I’ve had to do both, again.

Yesterday was the first of August and the second to last day that this person would be in town, so I knew it was time to act. I was thinking about how the beginning of the month was a great time to start working towards something, a great time to do something different. If I am ever to get published, I will have to do a lot of pitching and networking both before publication and after. I need to sharpen those skills. Even if this opportunity didn’t work out, at some point I was going to have to get out there and get used to talking about it.

So, yesterday I had another INEBIGTDIA* moment. I went to shake the minister’s hand and told him that I was told he would be a good person to help me move towards publication with my book. That was easy enough. Then he asked me what my book was about. Uhhhh….

You all know I know what it’s about. I have written on it a lot in my blogs, but standing there in front of someone trying to explain it for the first time was more difficult than I thought. After a deep breath, I managed to get our the general gist of the book–who it was for and what it was about–in an inelegant fashion. He said it was a good topic and he looked forward to hearing from me and working with me on it. Yes!

There are so many opportunities that we pass by each day because we’re too hindered by our own fear or perception of how we will be received when we try to take advantage of that opportunity. If God has placed something in your heart to do, all things will work together for that to happen. Even if this person was too busy or wasn’t interested in my idea, at least I would have had practice in sharing it with someone else and be more prepared when the next opportunity arose. I’m making this month one in which I more fully embrace INEBIGTDIA. I hope you will, too. It’s a rewarding and forward progressing step on the way to major growth and opportunity.



*INEBIGTDIA- I’m not excited, but I’m going to do it anyway.

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