The Story of Us

I’ve been given an ultimatum on the scrapbook. I was walking along in a park with MensHealth when the subject of the scrapbook came up. It was one of those “you had to be there” moments as I ended up almost crying laughter when he issued me a deadline to be done with the scrapbook. But thinking of this, and trolling Weddingbee while thinking of how I would do certain things, got me thinking about all the fun little details in our story.

If I am going to create a scrapbook, it’s going to be more reading-heavy than the average scrapbook. Part of this is because I am a writer, but a bigger part is because we were long distance for six months. Also, we don’t have many pictures together. But mostly the first two reasons. 😀

Menshealth and I have an ongoing “discussion” on weddings, in which he could care less about them and be just as happy going “to the courthouse” and where those church “nurses” at my aunt’s church would have to carry me off to the quiet room, fanning and getting the smelling salts if that ever happened. I’ve been thinking deeply about my have to haves for such an occasion, and whether or not I’m just being difficult. I am willing to admit that my tastes tend to be on the expensive side. Mind you, this isn’t on purpose, I just have an eye for high quality, well made and pricey things. Even taking this into consideration, I don’t think I’m being over the top in my have-to-haves.

So what do I have to have?

  • A Church of Christ minister to marry us. Church is an integral part of our lives and my faith is so important to me, I can’t pass this up. I’m willing to bend on the ceremony taking place in a church, decorations, singing, reading, wedding march, but not this.
  • At least both of our immediate families there. I think this is beyond important, not only because of how I know I’d feel if my mommy wasn’t there, but also because of how disappointed he told me his parents were when his sister eloped. I think it’s important to them, and I want the people who have been and will be involved in our lives to be there with us, surrounded us with love in that moment.
  • A white dress. I can’t not wear a white dress. I worked HARD to be able to wear a white dress and veil.
  • Premarital Counseling. I believe in being prepared and having thought about things from every angle. Premarital counseling can only help us to see potential problems and correct them, or be more confident in our choice to be married. It also gives us more time to build our relationship with the officiant and get comfortable with him.

Those are the main things that I need. Guest count, venues, color palettes and decorations can all be negotiated. Costs can be brought down. I just want those things that will last longer than the wedding, those memories we can lean on in later years. Family, love, God-ordained nuptials…that’s what I want.

Lately, there have been many walks in the park, a run in the rain, shared laughter, and the struggle of the day to day grind. There has been football and Four Weddings. There have been changes at our jobs. Life continues to keep going. We are still going strong and contriving to have a good time either way. And that’s the best any of us can say.



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