Worker Bees Don’t Have Knees

I don’t know about all of you, but ever since Google got rid of Google Reader, I have been missing out on some of my favorite blogs. I don’t have time to check multiple times throughout the day to see if my favorites have a new blog up. I hope that you all have hit the subscription and follow buttons, because I’m here so rarely it’s like a public appearance that you can’t miss. 😀

Work has been working me lately. I was splitting the INEBIGTDIA shifts (the 10am-7pm ones) with a new addition to the department. She left on Friday to go back to school, leaving me to be on the INEBIGTDIA shift for the next TWO WEEKS, plus the Tuesday after Labor Day, while a new worker gets trained. Of course, once the new worker is trained, I go back to three regular shifts followed by two INEBIGTDIA shifts. All of this shifting is grinding my gears.

Aside from the shifting schedule, I have received a ton of new responsibilities. I am responsible for the administration of all the legal departments sub-departments. I receive all the documents, pay all the people/vendors, and the million other things I can’t tell you I do for confidentiality, and I am drowning in work. I am angling for a title change now and a pay raise in December that’s more than 2%, since I have taken on so much. We will see if my willing spirit is rewarded instead of just coming back to bite me in the you know what.

Not only have I been busy with work, but I’ve been busy writing, revising and editing my book, which now for sure has a title. I’m still placing quotes from interviews and wrapping up sections here and there, but the major heavy lifting of writing the draft is done. Now it’s all revision (aka cutting, cutting, cutting), editing (shifts in person, shifts in tense, etc.), and rearranging (this is in the wrong chapter, or hey you have requirements vs. preferences in my submission. I’m thinking marketing strategies and book covers now. I know that I am self publishing through Amazon’s Createspace and Kindle, and I know what I want my press to be, but other than that, post finished writing product is a little murky. I know I want to have a book release party, though. Details to come as I work them out.

I’m also exploring opportunities to get more of my writing out there in different venues. I’m working on something now that I will announce when it’s officially official, so look for that. I’m also thinking of looking into some other things. I don’t want to again be guilty of revealing too much too soon and looking crazy when it doesn’t pan out, so bear with me.

What have you guys been up to?


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