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When You’ve Said What You Wanted to Say…

In the blink of an eye, nearly three years have passed me by. I look back on the entries up to this point and I want so much to wrap the girl in these entries in a big bear hug … Continue reading

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The Ugly Side of Me

I have never had a problem stepping outside of myself and seeing myself as I truly am, whether I like what I see or not. Lately, I’ve been seeing a side of myself that I particularly don’t like, but I … Continue reading

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Questions That Should Have Answers

It’s been a while…like, almost a year. So much has changed, yet too many things remain the same. It’s been one roller coaster of an almost year, and I wanted to make sure that I recorded it here, where my … Continue reading

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Suffering from Neglect

I have neglected this blog, all of my blogs, ever since August of this year. It’s been a whirlwind of writing, new job responsibilities, and goals for self-improvement that have fallen largely by the wayside for me. Since the year … Continue reading

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Worker Bees Don’t Have Knees

I don’t know about all of you, but ever since Google got rid of Google Reader, I have been missing out on some of my favorite blogs. I don’t have time to check multiple times throughout the day to see … Continue reading

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Fighting the Good Fight

MensHealth and I don’t fight very often. I would say we average one actual fight a year. We have had little disagreement here and there, but mostly it’s been smooth sailing. This is not me bragging; this is me stating … Continue reading

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Good News & Gripes

I’m sorry I left you with such a moody post. I promise this one has good news. I’ll end with that to leave on a more positive note. I’ll start with the bad, move into the INEBIGTDIA, and finish with … Continue reading

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