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INEBIGTDIA: Starting the Month Off On Faith

Some things have really been lining up for me in the last few weeks. I had been dabbling in working on my book off and on as I’ve been feeling the return of my zealousness for my Christian walk, but … Continue reading

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This Week in History…

April 13th, 1998. I was baptized. It’s hard to believe I’ve been a Christian for 14 years! In some ways, that feels like a long time, and in some ways it feels like “that’s it?” I feel like I’ve been … Continue reading

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Preparation & Predestination

Lately, I haven’t been writing in here because I haven’t been focusing on myself enough to have anything personal to write about. Neat trick, that. It’s amazing to me how easy it is to forget about yourself and things you … Continue reading

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Forgive Me, WordPress, I Have Sinned

*Note: I’m not Catholic, but the title was catchy. I apologize in advance if anyone was/is offended by my co-opting of this phrase. Forgive my emo post from yesterday. I’ve been having a super rough week (and it’s only Wednesday!). … Continue reading

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Support & Submission

My minister used a good illustration yesterday while he was talking about going from “poor & pitiful to praise.” The illustration was talking about the two apostles that were the subject of the lesson: Peter and John. (Act 3:1-11 was … Continue reading

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Mean Streak

Sometimes I wish I had a fearsome mean streak that allowed me to say whatever I thought about any and everybody’s situation, whether I knew the whole story or not. I wish I could call people names and ridicule their … Continue reading

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