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What Happened to Respect for Elders?

I was at church the other day watching MensHealth practice forthe Black History Play. My objective was to enlist more people for my marriage kit interviews, speak to the leadership about my College Preparatory talk, and get my choir director … Continue reading

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The Real Question: Dinnertime Conversations Part II

As I sat frozen at the table after my aunt Tippy’s question, it dawned on me that I hadn’t been asked that question by anyone. It seemed, looking back on it, that most people just assumed they knew the answer, … Continue reading

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Dinnertime Conversations, Part I

I wrote about this on my other blog, but I just had to write about it again here because it’s been on my mind. I have an aunt, whom we’ll call Tippy. Tippy has the bold, uncensored mouth of someone … Continue reading

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