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A New Year Bejeweled…

Coming into a new year, people always focus on the fact that you can’t change the past, that the past must be moved on from in order to appreciate the new. While I sat listening to “sermonettes” on like “Get … Continue reading

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The 2012 That Never Was…

If ever any year confirmed for me that my word of the year philosophy is better than making resolutions, it was this one. I didn’t even stick to my word of the year, either the original one I intended to … Continue reading

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Maintaining Military Silence

There’s a saying in the music business that your only as big as your next hit. It doesn’t matter if your last album was great; in fact, it may be a detriment. Once you have some success, you have to … Continue reading

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When a Plan Comes Together

If you don’t read my writing blog, you may not be aware that I am working on a book (or several). I’ve narrowed my focus to this one project with the hope of actually completing something in my lifetime. The … Continue reading

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Forgive Me, WordPress, I Have Sinned

*Note: I’m not Catholic, but the title was catchy. I apologize in advance if anyone was/is offended by my co-opting of this phrase. Forgive my emo post from yesterday. I’ve been having a super rough week (and it’s only Wednesday!). … Continue reading

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