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Eyes on Your Own Paper! Stop #1

***This is going to be long. So long, in fact, that I broke it into a stop post and a start post–and it’s still long. So, if you aren’t into long post, look for bold type and The Gist, which … Continue reading

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Skinny Genes

I’ve felt skinnier the last week or so. I can’t explain it. I shouldn’t feel skinnier (TMI ALERT!!)–I mean, Aunt Flo was in town, and no sane woman feels skinny then, but there I was feeling skinny. My clothes fit … Continue reading

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Beauty is Pain!

I bet you all are wondering how the workout thing is going for me. Well, let me just say that I am sleeping really well and my body is sore. If you follow me on twitter, then you’ve heard about … Continue reading

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Early Morning CarpĂ© Diem…or Whatever

It may surprise you that I’m up at 7:30 on an overcast, rainy Saturday, but most people that know me know I slept in :D. What should surprise you, though, is what I’m about to do: I’m going to Saturday … Continue reading

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Cross-Train Drain

I’m tired of trying to cross-train, friends and neighbors. It sucks not being able to head outside and enjoy the sunshine, shade trees, and fresh air. Of course, if I had a bike or a tennis partner, I could do … Continue reading

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I’m suffering from DOMS–Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. This is one of the things I did not miss about working out. I hate feeling sore really deep in a muscle, where it’s hard to get to and rub it out (wait, … Continue reading

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I’ve never before in life observed Lent. I have my reasons, and you can read my entry “Skinny, Lent-Less Christian” to see what they are. However, one thing about me that’s important to note is that I like new beginnings … Continue reading

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