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Suffering from Neglect

I have neglected this blog, all of my blogs, ever since August of this year. It’s been a whirlwind of writing, new job responsibilities, and goals for self-improvement that have fallen largely by the wayside for me. Since the year … Continue reading

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One Step Forward…

Two steps back. I’m having a frustrating one two step with life right now. I am not anywhere near on track with my goals for the year I am 27; in fact, I have digressed. In. Every. Area. No, seriously. … Continue reading

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Thoughts at the Beginning of Week 2, 2012

Last week went as well as the first week of a new year could. In my making me a priority campaign, I spent Sunday morning washing, deep conditioning, and flat ironing my hair. I wore it down all week and … Continue reading

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We had a Good Run

This weekend was a relaxing one before we embark on one that will involve some outreach and planning for part of it. Friday’s run was…challenging. I decided to stop clock watching so much and just do my best, pushing when … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Thursday: Weighing In

This really isn’t controversial personal enough to be a TMI Tuesday (or maybe it is), but it’s been on my mind from some of the blog reading that I’ve been doing. The question of the day is: how often do … Continue reading

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Balancing Stick

Balancing stick has always been one of the hardest yoga moves for me to do. Balancing is one of the most difficult things for me about yoga–not flexibility or breathing, as I expected. In balancing stick, your arms and┬áleg must … Continue reading

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